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Hydraulic Load Cell Overview

NOSHOK hydraulic load cells measure force in a direct, simple and cost-effective manner without the need for an external power source. The load cells are available in a variety of shapes and sizes with measuring ranges suited for most force applications.

Regardless of the external dimensions of the unit, NOSHOK hydraulic load cells operate under the hydraulic principle. The load, when applied to the surface area of the piston, causes a pressure increase in the hydraulic fluid and from there is transferred to the attached high-quality NOSHOK pressure gauge or transducer for measurement indication. They are designed for static and quasi static loads (i.e. the rise time of the force should not exceed one second, since faster changes in force could damage the attached gauge). Capillary restrictors are available to dampen pressure spikes generated by loading and unloading the load cell. NOSHOK load cells can be used for weight measurement of force measurement.

Mounting conditions of the load cell does influence the accuracy of the entire unit as well as the service life and reliability. The mounting should always ensure an axial and central introduction of the force to be measured for the highest degree of accuracy. Side forces, bending or torque should be avoided through proper installation to prevent false indications and maintain load cell service life.

NOSHOK hydraulic load cells are manufactured to the highest quality standards utilizing proven technologies that require little or no maintenance while providing excellent value. In addition to the outstanding features in the basic design, NOSHOK offers options such as maximum indicating pointers to measure maximum pressure/force loads in the system, attachable loop-powered indicators for local indication, custom dials and scales, custom connections (including direct connection), flexible and rigid tubing, various fill fluids and more to help provide a complete and suitable package for all of your force measurement needs.

Final calibration tests are performed on all hydraulic load cells, ensure 100% “out of the box” reliability.

Applications for the NOSHOK Hydraulic Load Cell

  • Material handling and lifting gear
    • Bearing and support forces on lifting tools
  • Agricultural and construction equipment
    • On carriers and presses
    • Torque measurement through lifting gears
    • Excavators in brown coal mining equipment
  • Testing and control equipment
    • Clamping force measurement on vices
    • Tailstock spindles
    • Brake test beds
  • Machine construction and operation
    • Injection molding machine screws
    • Rope and belt tension measurements, as well as torque measurements
    • Jug and special machine construction
  • Weight measurement and level measurement in bunkers, silos and tanks
  • Welding and printing machines
    • Measuriing the force between tongs on spot welding machines
    • Control forces between rollers on printing equipment
    • Control of pressure stamp
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