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May 2014

NOSHOK Tough Mudder 2014

On May 17th, NOSHOK's team "Shok Troops" fearlessly tackled 10 Miles of Hell at the Tough Mudder event in Mansfield, Ohio, in extremely cold and muddy conditions.

Tough Mudder is not a race, it’s an event focused on working as a team, facing your fears, and pushing yourself to your physical and mental limits… and for a good cause. Tough Mudder raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project, which helps injured soldiers and provides assistance to their families.

By definition, “Shock Troops” are formations created to lead an attack. Military units which contain shock troops are typically organized for mobility with the intention that they will penetrate through enemy defenses and attack into the enemy’s vulnerable rear areas. Staying true to their name, NOSHOK’s Shok Troops persevered through the extreme weather conditions and hellish obstacles, with grit and tenacity that lived up to the military units they were named after.

Shok Troops’ teamwork, toughness, and sheer determination brought them to the finish line together, after overcoming grueling challenges including the beastly mud-covered half pipe called Everest, the 10,000 volt nightmare of Electroshock Therapy, and the dreaded ice-filled dumpster known as the Arctic Enema.

Check out this video and watch the Troops in action…

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