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Why choose NOSHOK Thermometers
Why choose NOSHOK


NOSHOK has re-engineered and expanded our Bbimetal Thermometer offering, with cost reductions of up to 28% and significantly improved delivery times of 5-7 days. NOSHOK Bimetal Thermometers feature a highly sensitive bimetallic helix coil which is heat-treated for stress relief, and silicone-coated to minimize pointer vibration and maximize heat transfer and response time. A 360° groove around the stem provides a visual reference to show the minimum immersion point, and anti-parallax dial on all 3” and 5” dial sizes makes it easier to read from multiple angles. The 304 stainless steel case and bezel (316 SS optional) is hermetically sealed for a precision interference fit and conforms to ASME B40.3. Thermowells are recommended for pressure, corrosive fluids and high velocity applications.

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