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2530 Series 2-Valve Natural Gas Manifold Valves
Large Bore, Angle (0.375" Orifice)
Product Specifications


Materials Zinc-nickel plated steel, electropolished 316 stainless steel
Connections Flange-flange 90° angle
Pressure ratings* 6,000 psi @ 200 °F
Orifice size 0.375"
Flow coefficient CV 3.0
Stem seal & type All 316 stainless steel stems with FKM o-ring and PTFE back-up ring below the threads
Additional features Two static (test) ports, color coded vinyl bonnet and stem dust cap, patented soft tip stem design on equalizing and vent valves
Weight Approximately 9.4 lb.


   All NOSHOK valve products conform to the MSS SP-99 instrument valves standards, and valves supplied with packing
   also conform to MSS SP-132 compression packing systems for instrument valves standard.








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