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3010 Series Chain Hoist Test Kit


  • For friction clutch testing on chain hoists
  • Rugged design, light weight
  • The force transducer is inserted into the chain, travels upwards with it against the base of the chain hoist and thereby blocks the chain
  • An easy to use, precise, durable and dependable tester for slip couplings on chain hoists
  • Wide range of measurement from 90 to 7,700 lb (other ranges available)
  • High accuracy of < 2.2 lb
  • Display unit allows you to read the load at which the friction clutch stalls
  • Kit includes force transducer with integrated handle and a display unit
  • Two chain adapters and three centering sleeves also included for use with most types of chain hoists in the specified load range
  • Large, easy-to-read illuminated graphic display
  • 99 different data sets can be optionally stored and transferred via an infrared interface to a PC
  • Single sensor concept for the entire load range




SERIES 3010      
OPTIONS 0 No options 1 Infrrared interface

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