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NOSHOK Inc. Press Release


Berea, Ohio  (January 11, 2011)  NOSHOK’s test instrumentation provides excellent performance in applications where high accuracy and sensitivity are critical.

800 Series Precision Test Gauges
These extremely precise gauges meet the specification of ASME Standard B40.1 Grade 3A, and are ideal for use in laboratories on calibration test stands, on sophisticated aerospace equipment used in launching space vehicles, and in gauge repair facilities. Available in ranges from vacuum through 20,000 psi, with +/-0.25% accuracy to 100% of dial range on rising or falling pressure.

  • 6 inch case, bottom connected
  • Adjustable knife-edge pointer and mirrored dial eliminate parallax error
  • Brass or 316 stainless steel wetted parts
  • Panel mountable, optional carrying case

640 Series Precision Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers with Serial Interface
Featuring advanced diffused semi-conductor and sputtered thin film technology to provide maximum stability, these transducers were designed for industrial and laboratory applications requiring high accuracy & repeatability, such as research & testing, aeronautical, precision controls, marine, power generation, and medical.

  • Temperature compensation system virtually eliminates temperature induced errors from 50°F to 104°F
  • Standard output is digital with an RS232, 8N1/9600 Baud serial interface (other outputs & electrical connections available)
  • Ranges vacuum through 15,000 psi (absolute ranges from 15 psia to 300 psia)
  • High over range protection
  • Standard 1/2 inch NPT process connection
  • Final calibration tests prior to shipment ensures 100% "out of the box" reliability
800 Series Precision Test Gauge

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640 Series Precision Heavy Duty Pressure Transducer

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NOSHOK, Inc. is a leading supplier of pressure, level, temperature and force measurement instrumentation, along with needle & manifold valves, serving major industries around the world. Products include pressure gauges, pressure and temperature transmitters, transducers & indicators, pressure switches, needle valves, manifold valves, pressure snubbers, bimetal thermometers, force measurement sensors and diaphragm seals. These products meet and exceed the application requirements of OEM’s and industrial users seeking exceptional quality, reliability and value.

For more information on NOSHOK products, please visit our website at http://www.noshok.com
Contact: Sheryl Pritt, Mktg. Specialist, 1010 West Bagley Rd., Berea, Ohio 44017, 440.243.0888 x220,spritt@noshok.com