Berea, Ohio  (August 25, 2009) NOSHOK-Tecsis Custom Force Sensors are custom-designed to customer specifications and application needs, providing OEMs and end users unsurpassed flexibility and much higher accuracy than nonconforming standard designs, and requiring less space for installation. They provide excellent performance and reliability while remaining cost effective.

These sensors are extremely accurate - with the help of Finite Element Method Analysis, they are able to reach accuracies from 0.2% to 1% full scale. Featuring a thin film sensor that is laser welded to the deformation body, they deliver superior strength and performance. Their deformation body is constructed from a high grade, high quality stainless steel that further increases their durability and provides an extended service life.

NOSHOK-Tecsis Custom Force Sensors are available in a variety of standard current and voltage output signals, with others available on request, and they are backed by a one year warranty. Ideal applications for these sensors include:

  • Jointing technology: pressing, punching, riveting
  • Robot technology: contact forces, process forces, tong forces
  • Platform technology: safety technology, lifting platforms, load statuses
  • Cranes: overload protection, load measurement, cable tension measurement, slack rope recognition
  • Farm vehicles and building machines: torque converter bearing, weight registration, tipping protection, support forces
  • Force measuring bearings: web tension, driving forces
  • Hoists and material handling: rough scales, cable tension
  • Elevators: safety cutoff
  • Testing facilities, machine & plant construction: locking forces, torque monitoring, tightening forces, anchor winches, traction and pressure forces, fill level measurement, tensioning forces, braking forces, forces on deflection rollers, cutting forces, cable winches, conveyor belts

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