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Diaphragm Seals Accessories

Plain and Armored Capillaries

  • Stainless steel capillaries available with or without stainless steel armor
  • Protects the instrument from high or low process temperatures
  • Allows remote mounting of pressure instrument(s)
  • Select the shortest capillary length possible, as changes in ambient
    temperature conditions may significantly affect the accuracy and response time
    of the instrument
  • Standard length 5', others available
  • Installation on analog gauges requires a gauge support and gauge adaptor,
    or other surface mounting provisions
  • Any level difference between the instrument and the seal will result in a pressure indication error; make sure to compensate for the level difference during calibration of the diaphragm seal assembly if the level difference is known
NOSHOK Flexible Capillaries Part Number
5' SS armored capillary 1/4" NPT AC-02-02-5
   Custom length per foot AC-02-02-#
5' SS armored capillary 1/2" NPT AC-04-04-5
   Custom length per foot AC-04-04-#
5' SS plain capillary 1/4" NPT PC-02-02-5
   Custom length per foot PC-02-02-#
5' SS plain capillary 1/2" NPT PC-04-04-5
   Custom length per foot PC-04-04-#


Cooling Elements

  • Works in combination with diaphragm seal to isolate instrument from high media temperatures
  • Recommended for process temperatures above 212 °F
  • Requires direct mounted system
  • Effective temperature reductions of 200 °F depending upon ambient conditions
  • High >212 °F process temperature, low < -40 °F process temperature
  • All stainless steel construction
NOSHOK Cooling Element Part Number
1/4" NPT x 1/4" NPT, 4.68" 1/4-NPT-Cooling-Element
1/2" NPT x 1/2" NPT, 4.68" 1/2-NPT-Cooling-Element


Sanitary Clamps and Gaskets

  • Clamp-style fittings are constructed of T304 stainless steel; T316 stainless steel on request
  • Double hinge design for easy installation and removal
  • Available in sizes from ¾" to 4"
  • Standard pressure rating of 500 psi at 70 °F (21 °C); up to 3,000 psi rating on request
  • Clamp gaskets are available in NBR, EPDM, PTFE and FKM
  • All clamps and gaskets meet FDA and 3A sanitary standards


NOSHOK Sanitary Clamps and Gaskets Part Number
ASME-BPE Sanitary Clamp
1-1/2" Tube OD CR-12
2" Tube OD CR-16
2-1/2" Tube OD CR-20
3" Tube OD CR-24
NBR Gasket
1-1/2" Tube OD BG-12
2" Tube OD BG-16
2-1/2" Tube OD BG-20
3" Tube OD BG-24
PTFE Gasket
1-1/2" Tube OD TG-12
2" Tube OD TG-16
2-1/2" Tube OD TG-20
3" Tube OD TG-24
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