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Gauge Accessories Stock Lists

Panel Mounting/Flanges

Panel Mount Clamp
20-110 PMC
Chrome Triangular Bezel
with U-Clamp
  • Many panel mounting options are available and can be installed in the field
  • Options include:
    • Brass Front Flanges (BFF)
    • Black Painted Steel Front Flanges (BLFF)
    • Chrome Front Flanges (CFF)
    • Stainless Steel Front Flanges (SSFF)
    • Chrome Triangular Bezel with U-Clamp (CBU)
    • Black Painted Steel Triangular Bezels with U-Clamp (BBU-Clamp)
    • Stainless Steel Narrow Bezel Front Flanges (SSBU)
    • Panel Mount Clamps (PMC)
  • Chrome-plated steel Adapter Rings (AR) are available in conjunction with several of
    these flanges to adapt to oversized panel cut outs, including:
    •  Stainless Steel Flange Rings (SSFR)
    • Chrome-Plated Steel Flange Rings (CFR)
    • Black or Chrome Panel Mount Rings (BPMR & CPMR)
  • Rear Flanges (RF) for front of panel mounting are also available as a factory installed option on some series

Cases and Cover Rings

Cases and Cover Rings


  • The following cases and cover rings are available on many NOSHOK gauges as production options:
    • Black painted steel (BCR)
    • Chrome-plated steel (CCR)
    • 304 stainless steel (SSCR)
  • Some NOSHOK gauges are also available with a solid front, safety case



  • A variety of lens options are available on many NOSHOK gauges as a production option:
    • Instrument glass lenses
    • Laminated safety glass lenses
    • Acrylic lenses
    • Homalite lenses (resistant to many industrial solvents)
    • A steel or stainless case and cover ring may be required when other than acrylic lenses are utilized
Maximum Indicating Pointer


Maximum Indicating Pointers (MIP)

  • An invaluable tool for identifying pressure spikes in a system
  • Extremely helpful during system start up and troubleshooting
  • MIPs add an additional ±1% error to the gauge because of the increased load on the Bourdon tube
  • On ranges of 60 psi and lower, MIPs may double the allowed error of the gauge


Set Pointers (SP)

Set Pointers


  • Used to identify an operating minimum or maximum pressure or vacuum value
  • Set pointers are available on many NOSHOK gauges



Rubber Case Protectors


Rubber Case Protectors (RCP)

  • Ideal for gauges that are subjected to direct physical shock
  • 2-1/2" covers are blue and 4" covers are black




  • Press-fit or threaded orifices in brass or 316 stainless steel are available on all NOSHOK pressure gauges
  • Available with I.D.’s from 0.004” to 0.032” depending on the specific NOSHOK gauge
  • Used in a gauge to restrict the flow of rapidly increasing and decreasing pressures, reducing the immediate effect of pulsations and pressure spikes
  • Recommended for all dynamic applications

Recalibrators & Adjustable Pointers

  • This option gives the user the capability of resetting the pointer by an adjustment screw accessible through the dial, or by a gear located on the pointer

Overpressure Protection

  • Overpressure protection of 3 times up to 10 times of the dial range is available on some NOSHOK gauges as a production option


Ammonia Gauges

Ammonia Refrigeration Gauges

  • Ammonia and refrigeration gauges with dials reading in both pressure and temperature are available in
    400/500 Series 2-1/2” and 4" sizes
  • Refrigeration gauges with dials reading in pressure and temperature are available in 300, 400 and 500 Series
    for R-12 and R-22



Liquid Filling Options

  • Many NOSHOK gauges are available with liquid filling options
  • Standard fill is glycerin
  • Optional fill liquids include Dow Corning 200® Silicone and Halocarbon®

Special Connections

  • Available on most NOSHOK gauges
  • Some examples include:
    • Metric threads
    • Female threads
    • Straight threads (flare or swivel type)
    • Special o-ring connections
  • Please contact us with your requirements for prices, availability and minimum quantities

Reid Vapor Test Gauges

  • Configuration includes a handle, special dial and special pressure port
  • Available in 600/700 Series gauges with pressure ranges of 0 psi to 5 psi, 0 psi to 15 psi and 0 psi to 30 psi

Receiver Gauges

  • 3 psi to 15 psi receiver gauges are available in both 600 Series (brass) and 700 Series (316 stainless steel)

Metric Dials And Customized Special Dials

Metric Dials and Customized Special Dials
  • Dual scale metric dials in psi/bar, psi/kPa and psi/kg/cm2 are available on many NOSHOK gauges
  • Other scales are available for specific sizes and ranges, such as single scale bar and kPa,
    refrigerant scales and altitude scales
  • Please consult the factory for availability
  • Customized special dials such as non-standard metric scale, tons of ram, lbs. of force, etc.
    are available in small quantities (as few as one piece) on some NOSHOK gauges


Certified Calibration

  • Available on all NOSHOK gauges
  • Certified Calibration provides the user with a serial numbered gauge along with a calibration sheet against a primary pressure standard
  • Traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology
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