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Digital Indicators Accessories

Backlight & Display

  • Available for 1900C Series









  • Black painted steel enclosures are available for the 1950, 2000/2100 and 2200 series.
    Off-white fiberglass enclosures are available for the 1950 Series.
  • NEMA 4X/IP65 enclosures (sealed bezel only) standard on 1950 & 2000/2100 Series










Option Cards

  • Plug-in cards are available options for the 1950 Series, that provide alarm and setpoint relay outputs, analog and digital outputs, including RS 232-C and RS 485 functions.
  • RS232 Comm, single relay, RS485 comm, dual sinking open collector option cards available for 1950 Series
  • Dual relay, quad relay, quad NPN-OC, quad PNP-OC, analog output, RS232-C serial communications and RS 485 serial communications options cards available for 2000/2100 Series





Relay option card Type: single FORM-C relay
Isolation to sensor & user input commons: 1400 Vrms for 1 min.
Working voltage: 150 Vrms
Contact rating: 1 amp @ 30 Vdc resistive; 0.3 amp @ 125 Vac resistive
Live expectancy: 100,000 minimum operations
Response time: Turn on time: 4 msec max. Turn off time: 4 msec max.
option card
RS485 multi -point balanced interface (non-isolated)
Baud rate: 300 to 38.4k
Data format: 7/8 bits; odd, even, or no parity
Bus address: 0-99; max 32 meters per line
Transmit delay: Selectable
RS232 half duplex (non-isolated)
Baud rate: 300 to 38.4k
Data format: 7/8 bits; odd, even, or no parity
Dual sinking output
option card
Non-isolated switched DC, N channel open drain
Current rating: 100 mA max.
VDS ON: 0.7 V @ 100 mA
VDS MAX: 30 Vdc
Offstate leakage current: 0.5 mA max.
Dual relay option card Two FORM-C relays
Rating: One relay energized; 5 amps @ 120/240 Vac 115/230 Vac or 28 Vdc (resistive load), 1/8 HP @ 120 Vac, inductive load.
Total current not to exceed 5 amps with both relays energized.
Quad relay option card Four FORM-A relays
Rating: One relay energized; 3 amps @ 240 Vac or30 Vdc (resistive load), 1/10 HP @ 120 Vac, inductive load.
Total current not to exceed 4 amps with all four relays energized.
Analog output option card 0 mA to 20 mA, 4 mA to 20 mA or 0 Vdc to 10 Vdc retransmitted signal
Quad NPC-OC option card 4 isolated open collector sinking transistors, 100 mA at maximum 30 Vdc
Quad PNP-OC option carad 4 isolated open collector sourcing transistors, 24 Vdc with 30 mA total maximum
Communication option
RS232C or RS485


AC to DC Retrofit Package

  • Easily integrates with non-metallic seal and transmitter/switch assemblies to operate with 110/240 VAC systems
  • Solid state relay - 10A at 250 VAC
  • DIN rail mountable with NEMA 4X enclosure







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